THe Foundry Show 

It was such a big pleasure to perform again at The Foundry recently. It's been almost a year since I had a show there, and when the date was booked, I was more than ready to get back there. The atmosphere at The Foundry is outstanding, and is fully accessible being located in one of Chattanooga’s best’s hotels, (The Chattanoogan). The venue is very intimate, and has a great restaurant attached to it. The house was packed on both nights as local fans who really love this venue, turned out in droves. One good thing about The Foundry being located in a hotel is that there is a lot of “foot traffic”. Guests are all around everywhere, and with all the wedding receptions, holiday parties, etc. in the ballrooms, the Foundry’s face is changing buy the minute. And typically the hotel is 80% booked on most occasions which gives you an “eclectic” audience to perform for in addition to the local fans. So the playlist can include a multitude of different music that everyone would enjoy. And by the end of the night, it’s not surprising to see a “Soul Train” line formed by the final song of the evening. On Saturday evening, we gave two encores as people were on their feet everywhere you looked. Looking forward to 2015, and being back in the Foundry!
©2008 David Anthony