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Alaska 2016 

We are at the start of the Alaska Tour 2016 as the season begins for most tourist. Today we are in Ketchikan and even though it’s an overcast day, (temp. 53 f) it was a busy one on the street as lots of people shop, congregate, eat and reunite at seasons begin. No “moose sightings” as of yet, but we have 13 days to go so the possibility exist. Today I did a little shopping myself as I needed a few items to take back home with me. And of course, “Salmon” in all the ways it can be prepared is in every store, and every restaurant. I tend to go for the vacuumed packed smoked salmon. Last year I received some as a gift and I didn’t open it until a month later and it was a fresh as the day they made it!  I couldn’t believe it! But those of you who have those vacuumed sealed food machines then you know exactly what I am talking about. But today I opted for the grilled halibut with a salad and fries at I led off with a nice bowl of Alaskan clam chowder that was superb. Juneau, Alaska is up next….beware of the moose!

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