I can finally check the “Amsterdam” box off of my bucket list! I finally arrived in Amsterdam after being close several months ago. Upon landing in the Netherlands and playing a few shows, I took the train to Amsterdam for an afternoon some major sightseeing. It was a beautiful day as temperatures were well in the high 80’s with the sun shining very brightly. After getting off the train smack dab in the heart of the city, the first thing I noticed was the amount of bicycles that are there. Everybody, I mean EVERYBODY has a bicycle! There are plenty of cars, but a lot of bic’s. Amsterdam of course is a major tourist hub and there was no shortage of photo taking tourist about, including myself. The architecture on most buildings is exquisite, and is full of monuments that date back well into the Netherlands history. The Dutch do it well! And of course I walked through the “Red Light” district to confirm all the stories that you hear about! CONFIRMED! I then caught some lunch and called it a day. I didn’t have a lot of time before the next show, but I had just enough to say….”I’ve have gotton my  Amsterdam ON!”

Rome Italy 

Well I finally got my “Rome On” after missing it twice while in the area. What a beautiful place Rome, and with all the history around you, you can’t help but place yourself back in to time as you take in the city. The architecture on every building and fixture is astonishing and some are “ancient” but still standing.  The main site that I wanted to see of course was the Coliseum. As I rode down a long street to it, seeing it from afar off, the anticipation of standing right next to it grew. I couldn’t escape the “Gladiator” movie images as I stood at her gates, and there were even a couple of Roman guards outside in full regalia. It’s amazing how this structure is made, and still holds up. This one was on my bucket list and I can finally check it off!......NEXT!!!