Rehearsing for Valentine's Day 

Every musician at one time or another has played a gig on a certain holiday. And with as many holidays that are on the United States calendar, it gives ample occasion for the gig’n professional musician to perform. I can’t remember the last New Year’s Eve where I was off to enjoy it without being on stage. And Christmas is absolutely filled with opportunities to play “Linus and Lucy” once again! (it never gets old) Coming upon us in a few days is February’s Valentine’s Day, and I have been contracted to play a local dinner/dance to commemorate the occasion, so here is a little peak behind the scenes at how the set up and rehearsal goes down for a special event. 

After receiving the nod for the gig, I straightway resourced the internet for the greatest “Love Songs” that have ever been written. I also made sure my red tie was clean, because it will be a required article of clothing that night. After compiling an almost “exhaustive” list, it was time to cut a few tunes down to mix in with the up other tempo dance numbers. The guest will begin the evening with light cocktails and then dinner, so we can dish out a bevy of love songs while they feast. I also was given the age demographic of the group and made sure I had plenty from their era. The contact for the affair had no “pre-request” list of songs so I was left to fill the evening with roses…uh Love Songs. Rehearsals are schedule for this weekend, so I made copies of the list, made CD’s of the songs that we didn’t already know, and uploaded it all to the rest of the band so they could get started with personal prep time. The prep time is key, for when we do come together, they only thing that has to be worked out are beginnings and endings, and we don’t have to spend enormous amounts of time in rehearsal. And that’s it! Once we get to the gig and start in, there are always impromptu moments that make an evening special. And let’s face it …there is always room for another Love Song! 

Songwriting Process 

I get questions all the time about my songwriting/song recording process and the workflow that creates all of it. So I would like to share with you that process, and how I come up with the songs that I write. (melody, chorus, chord structure). Inspiration for songwriters can come from various sources: Your life story, family moments, love affairs....you name it, and a song can be written  from it! When I get the inspiration to write a song, typically a certain melody gets into my head first and forms "the hook"  The hook, (which usually "hooks" the listener) is the chorus of a song usually. I then sit down at the piano and play the melody that's in my head, and create some surrounding chords to support the melody and form the structure.

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Europe Rocks! 

I Just finished an amazing tour through Europe, where I ate octopus for the first time! And it was quite tasty as well! It was during our first stop in Tenerife Canary Islands. We arrived very early in the morning, and after a mid-morning coffee, we headed out to town to have a great afternoon taking in all the sites and sounds. We found these series of 4 outdoor/indoor restaurants right next to each other. We selected one, sat down and received the menus. The first thing I selected was the garlic shrimp pawns, drenched in herbs and spices. My eyes then shifted to the octopus which I have NEVER had before, so I was feeling adventurous. When the dishes arrived (along with a pitcher of sangria) I dove right in! The octopus was lightly breaded and caramelized to perfection! Each bite was just as good as the first, as I sat there and got my life! And if you're wondering, it was not alive as I hear some places you can order it that way!


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My new EP is coming along smoothly with two tracks mastered and added to a folder on my hard drive, until ready to be added to the others. "You Are Gone." and "I Need You" were both finished recently in studio A, with great anticipation of clearing the digital mixing board, and starting a new session for the other songs. The Keurig coffee maker has been in high gear as a few late night'ers were needed to finish the first two songs. Of course I took ample breaks to munch on my favorite snack of celery and roasted garlic hummus, and to stretch my legs a bit. So we are on track to have an early release soon so stay tuned to this station,  Make sure you are on the mailing list for the drop date and special notices! 

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